Come join Bedd Time Media Bedd Time Media media is a new social media site that's set up for adults, you have to be 21 or older to join, check the Terms of Use here. There's is no reporting at all, so as long as your post is set to site members or friends only you can post whatever you want to. It has tons of features, it's completely secure, and is updated constantly. Features As of the date of this post Bedd Time Media features include...... Personal profile timelinesCommunity news feedsPrivate chat and group chatsGroups and all groups have... Read more

New social media site has launched its beta Bedd Time Media has launched its beta 1.0 social media site designed for adults. This means there will be a NSFW posts and content. There's going to be something for everyone so come check it out and join the new adults only social network. Features You can make a profile and post to your timeline. Privacy options to make your profile public or private. Person chats to message other members. Join groups to post in with the option to make and run your own group for a one time low fee. There... Read more

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